Lighting control

Lighting sets just the right mood

Today’s home often combines traditional lighting design with the added advantage of integration with your home control system. Create just the right mood in your home for different occasions or times of day. Pre-programmed ‘scenes’ provide an infinite number of possibilities. A simple touch of a button and your lighting can transform for entertaining, dim for a romantic dinner, or illuminate lighting for frequently used pathways throughout your home.


A significant element of home design, lighting can illuminate art or highlight your home’s architectural features. Go even further and eliminate wall clutter— clusters of switches become a single attractive keypad. Conveniently control your lighting from a keypad, touch screen, or iPad™.

Reduce energy

Press the ‘all-off’ button at your bedside or by your front door to ensure all lights are turned off when not in use. Or, automatically have your lights turn on to 80% capacity— it’s barely noticeable to the eye. These are just a few ideas of how lighting control can help you reduce energy use in your home.

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