Audio Visual Services


Very simply, the Design-and-Build approach means that Definitive AV Solutions provide clients with a one-stop, cost-efficient resource for all of their audio visual needs. As a consultant, Definitive AV Solutions completely designs and specifies audio visual systems. As an experienced project manager, Definitive AV Solutions ensures all of the pieces are in place to deliver systems exactly as promised. And as a certified installer, Definitive AV Solutions correctly and efficiently translates technology designs into fully functioning systems.

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Definitive AV Solutions installation team is lead by a systems’ Engineer who is responsible for the overall scope of work and functionality. A Project Coordinator is assigned and available for the duration of the project. The Project Coordinator is responsible for all communication between Definitive AV Solutions and the client. The Project Manager, who works hand-in-hand with the Project Coordinator and the systems’ Engineer, makes regular site visits and is responsible for the primary schedule and installation.

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Definitive AV Solutions takes pride in designing and building sophisticated audio-visual systems filled with cutting-edge technology. More fundamental, though, we pride ourselves on building systems that users can actually operate. Since the dawn of the programmable VCR, “audio-visual” and “user-friendly” have seemed to be opposing terms. That’s what makes Definitive AV Solutions different. No matter how complex the client’s request or how sophisticated the technology, Definitive AV Solutions build a consistent level of control and manageability into every system we create.

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