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Definitive AV solutions is a leading provider of audio system installations and total audio-visual solutions to corporate, commercial and domestic clients. As an established and experienced audio visual company we stand atop our industry as a result of our focus on both designing and building audio-visual systems from inception to completion. Our experienced staff work closely with our clients to integrate state of-the-art audio, video and IT systems. Whether it is for boardrooms, conference rooms, home cinemas or whole house automated projects, our AV systems are designed and installed with an unrivalled attention to detail that allows customers to work more efficiently. That’s the Definitive AV solutions Experience: dynamic, fully integrated audio-visual systems that work flawlessly and intuitively.


Definitive AV solutions design-and-build process ensures effective, efficient solutions that fully integrate all of the client’s systems. Whether audio, video, lighting, IT or HVAC control, complete integration is the signature of Definitive AV solutions. Our engineers and designers work closely with the client from inception to completion, always keeping in mind client requests and the unique needs of each project. From the first rough design to fully specified schematics to integrated IT systems to that final wire tucked neatly out of sight, Definitive AV solutions team is with you every step. In the process, we create and install an audio-visual system that is as cutting-edge as it is easy to use. Training and custom users’ manuals are included for every project.


Definitive AV solutions unmatched technology expertise is a must in an industry where innovations and new standards seem to arrive every month. We keep an open mind on technology, letting the best products drive our decisions. And we work with big and small vendors alike, letting specific needs dictate the vendors and products we choose for our customers.

We make sure we do the job right the first time by helping our clients understand how the decisions they are making today—which technologies to use, which products to buy—will affect them down the line.

Definitive AV solutions forward-thinking technology approach ensures our systems have the capacity to meet your needs—whether today or in the future.


Definitive AV solutions is unique in the audio-visual systems industry in that we consult on as well as install solutions. We help you decide the best way to do it, and then we do it, fully integrating all of your essential systems along the way. This design-and-build approach offers obvious advantages—project efficiency, attention to detail, ease of use and expandability. The most important benefit is accountability. We stand behind our systems in a way that the consultant-only or installer-only vendors can never offer. We are with our clients every step of the way, and we are responsible for every detail. At Definitive AV solutions, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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